The Restoration

In 2010, thanks to the donations of many members of the community and not-for-profit organizations, the Friends of St. Peter’s embarked upon the exterior restoration of St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church in Spencertown.

The work accomplished to date by the Friends of St. Peters includes repairs to the foundation, sills and structural framework of the venerable building, the rebuilding of the severely deteriorated steeple and the duplication of the church’s finial and weathervane. In addition, the historic bell’s supporting mechanism was replaced and the church’s exterior wooden detailing and clapboards were repaired and received a new coat of paint.

Future projects envisioned are the reroofing of the church building and the renewal of the exterior paint coat within the next few years.

Preparing part of the new foundation

Structural framework reinforced

Cracked bell wheel replaced

Weathervane replaced

Deteriorated sills replaced

Rebuilding steeple

Exterior wood siding repaired and painted

Gilded finial duplicated

Gilded finial duplicated